SEO – Search Engine Optimization – The Success of your Business!

Basic Principals of LOCAL SEO

Search engine optimization is the life blood of your business.
Our goal is to generate a high level of traffic to your website. This goal can be achieved through the proper methods listed below.

  • Keyword Research and Usage
  • Proper Use of Meta Descriptions
  • Strategic Heading Tags
  • Titles for Images and Links
  • Correct Content Length
  • Internal and Outbound Linking
  • Reduced html Code Usage
  • Minified Code
  • Citation Building
  • Link Building Programs
  • Press Releases and Announcements

Page Speed and Page Caching

After your initial site optimization, we perform multiple evaluations to insure proper optimization. Once optimization evaluation and testing is complete, we analyze the speed of the your hosting account. Quite often your hosting account is bogged down by other high traffic websites on the same server. This performance will cause your site to rank lower due to slow page-load speeds.
The solution to this problem is to move your site to iNetdesign hosting services and to set up website hacker protection and caching services.

Please read the Google Recommendations for SEO
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