Email Help

If you need help setting up your email or accessing your email web interface use the links below for step by step instructions on how to do so.

For IMail Server

Click here then simply enter your email address under “Username” and then your password. Once you are logged in there are additional help files to assist you.

For SmarterMail Server

How to configure IMAP or POP Account; All Operating Systems using SmarterMail: Click Here

How to configure iPhone for SmarterMail: Click Here

None of the above?

Configuration guide for other versions of Outlook and mobile devices Click Here

Please note:
usernames will always be your email address, example:

Spam filtration help:
If you get emails that are labeled X-IMail-SPAM-P and they are not spam emails forward them to If you get spam and want to report it please forward it to

High Power Spam Filtering Available:
We are offering IronPort spam fitering for an additional cost…click here for pricing.

How to Forward to a Blackberry or another device while leaving a copy on the server.
Go to your Imail web interface(click here) to set up.
Your mailbox can keep a copy while forwarding to another email address.

In the Forward field, use:


The dot (.) at the beginning tells IMail to keep a copy and the comma (,) separates the dot from the following email address (your blackberry email), where the second copy will be delivered to your Blackberry.
Note – There is a 255 character limit (including any commas or periods) in this field.